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1)J'ai ma doll que depuis pas longtemps prq mon ancienne s'est fait ban LOL 2) la jugez pas svp je suis en construction 3) un jour t'inquiète quand j'aurai la force


Sorry, I'll write everything in english bc it seems easier this way (don't ask any questions). I'm going to write something that I am not proud of but everyone should know about how wonderful my *** life is (bruh).

My first time? Lame as hell, I was like what? 17, I was at 7000 miles away from my house with an American boy... what a shame... I mean, for my defense I was high as hell (btw never eating space cake again bc my bad trip was BAD). I mean.. it was fun :/ just don't go it in the car for your first time :/

Second time I refused bc the guy was dating another girl?? I'm such an innocent girl :( but now I regret bc I know he would have been good to me :( I waste so much potential in people that do not deserve it :/

Important thing to notice though I had several things going on everywhere.. I mean like EVERYWHERE, like le métro?? I think im pretty proud of doing it at the university even though we got caught by the cleaning lady :/ she didn't say anything but i know she understood :/ although its not my fav place to do it, i think my fav is at the beach.. idk everything seems so.. bruh jk let me continue

Anyways, i'll stop counting otherwise it won't end lol. 

There was a time i'm still traumatized by it :/ Everything was fine but u could tell that the guy was weird... and I was right. We were into it and what happened you may ask? He showed me some fucking handcuffs (is that how its spelled in english?) ? Like fucking handcuffs? Do I look like im the one who is being in submission? Bro im taking control remember that

Another time im ashamed of is bc there was this girl and i mean like doing it with girls is way better (can't lie sorry) and i ghosted her the day after :/ and when i got a boyfriend she told him and they became bffs lol 

man je fais trop d'erreur d'anglais jvais passer par l'espagnol là

Another story, sad story though:/ We were on vacation with my boyfriend and his friends. We were at one of my boyfriend's friend grandparent's house (ptdrr le génitif est dur là). There was one room for like 11 of us, and of course we took it. I had my periods but it didn't stop us (and it shouldn't for everyone if you ask ab my opinion). And we made a HUGE mess on the bed :/ i think it was top 3 of my worst moments ever :/ but the *** part was good, and i mean doing it on vacation hits different.. maybe it was the heat, the alcohol but certainly not my boyfriend that was making this moment uni*que lol 


protocole à appliquer si qqun fait un infarctus (par expérience)


1- S'inquiéter (mais pas trop)

2- Essayer le massage cardiaque (faut toujours essayer avant de se plaindre)

3- Peut-être appeler un professionnel si jamais il peut réussir

4- Prier dieu (faut d'abord qu'il existe)


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