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The more you let people in, the higher the risk to see them leave.




Wisdom has nothing to do with age,

but everything with the life experiences we receive

and wheter or not we utilise them into opportunities for growth,

lessons and evolution.




Love does not hurt, but people who don't know how to, do.




My greatest talent

is being able to tell

people very little

about myself

and make them feel

like they know everything


so you say you don't love me

- but you don't even know me




You're just bored and scare of being alone,

that's not love.

that's prison.




Do not look for healing

at the feet of those

who broke you

- rupi kaur










"The world is made up of

too many girls


if they are pretty

and too many boys

too shy to tell them"



"She conquered all her demons and wore her scars like wings"


"It was her


that made her



"I worry there is something broken in our generation, 

there are so many sad eyes on happy faces"







outique → bureau d'avocatS

Pâtisserie →

Jardin →

Cannes → dressingdd

Loft →

Manoir → appartement 

Salon →

Age Genre Ville Pays
23 ans Femme Paris France
Célébrité préférée Musique préférée Film préféré Plat préféré
Once Upon a December
Couleur préférée Le job de mes rêves Emission préférée Loisir préféré
Juriste Flânerie

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