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Bonne soirée ! +2 bisous
01/12/2020 à 21:42:46
You are such a cinnamon roll ! <3
01/12/2020 à 20:17:34
Thanks, i love your Bali_Vip ! It smell like...
30/11/2020 à 23:09:13
Heyyy ! Merci ma belle <333 Je suis trop...
30/11/2020 à 23:06:28

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 I would like to make something about myself clear,

I am Muslim. I'm proud to be Muslim, and whomever feels threatened by that can kindly leave my page.

No I am not a terrorist nor do I support any sort of violence, and Islam is not the reason why they exist.

Islam is and has always been a peaceful religion and I will not tolerate any sort of racist/Islamophobic comments.  

If you feel uncomfortable talking to a Muslim, I advise you to make some research about Islam, about our prophet Muhammad first, before judging someone so blindly.


 Updates absolutely nobody asked for:


I made lasagna myself!! Usually I just help mom or grandma but today I made

everything from scratch and all by myself xD

It tasted amazing if you're wondering ;')


 I participated in the weekly fashion show (Défilé OMD) and it says

I'm currently at rank 4 o.O




I ended up being the 5th!! Yay!

Big thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for me :')


Hia :') 

I've had this doll since 2012 but I just got back after 2 years of not playing the game so I feel like I just made this account lol.

Wouldn't mind making new friends since the ones I had probably already forgot about me (and so did I to be fair xD).



TMI: One thing I really enjoy is sewing looks for the Fashion Show.


Mannequin chez Agence-Mymyss:

Site de l'agence









My Fashion Show creations: Elite Loft



My OhMyLoft participations:


Premiers jours d'automne 27-09-2020:  318 votes

Défilé Loft 270920



My OMD-FS participations:

Sous la pluie: 5ème (120 votes?)                                                          Humains VS Monstres: 57ème



My Agence-Azyléa creations:


Style Kawaii: 1ère (18.33/20)

Kawaii Style Style Kawaii


Style gothique: 1ère (18/20)

Style Gothique


Look Monochrome: 2ème (17/20)



1 des 4 éléments (La terre): 1ère (20/20)                               1 tenue avec 2 impirmés: Xème (X/20)


Je cherche:

* des paliers à codes / concours avec comme récompense des codes.

* des agences de mode sérieuses :')

J'aimerai créer une agence de mode, si cela t'intéresse envoies moi un MP ;')




Age Genre Ville Pays
20 ans Femme Autre
Célébrité préférée Musique préférée Film préféré Plat préféré
Almost everything I'd say xD My mom's and grandma's ^^
Couleur préférée Le job de mes rêves Emission préférée Loisir préféré
Maybe pastel pink? pastel colors in general BBC Sherlock - Peaky Blinders - B99.

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